In the mood for Holga macros?

I promised you more Holga macros, huh? So here we go, in color this time.

Just remember, these aren’t tweaked at all in a digital way, like Lightroom or Photoshop, just some cropping to the right dimension, and some dust removing.

All the wonderful differences are coming from the choise of film and processing.


Holga with macro lens
Fuji Provia 100F (RDP III)
Home developed in C41

Holga with macro lens
Fuji Provia 100F (RDP III)
Home developed in C41

Holga with macro lens
Fuji Provia 100F (RDP III)
Home developed in C41

Holga with macro lens
Fuji Provia 100F (RDP III)
Home developed in C41

Holga with macro lens
Fuji Reala 100
Home developed in C41


22 thoughts on “In the mood for Holga macros?

  1. I’m a flower-macro fan and love blurry – so this is spot on! Totally my cup of tea (which I’m enjoying right now – delicious mango tea). Love them all, my absolute favorite: the third from the top – it’s gorgeous, the colors, the reflection…

    • Thank you very much Marleen!
      Yes, the Holga is, for me, perfect for these kind of photos, kind of a fuss to measure the distance, but when that works, it looks great. It is a kind of depth in the photo, though shallow DOF, that digital can’t beat.

    • Thank you very much!
      For me, when I look at Holga macro photos, it really feels like stepping into a another world, a world of it’s own, an organic very beautiful world….. Love the Holga! 🙂

  2. These are beautiful! The light is amazing. I just love that you use film. There is something so special about film photography vs digital.

  3. These are breathtaking! I totally just put an order in for the macro and close up kits. Thanks for sharing that site with me. I hope I can capture something similarly beautiful : )

    • Wow, great news! 🙂
      Well, be prepared for a different journey, hehe… I have tied a piece of string on my Holga with a knot at three centimeters from the lens, and a knot at six centimeters.
      Say goodbye to control … 😉
      It is very refreshing, and sometimes it works out just fine!
      Good luck!!

      • hahaha, I figured it would be a new challenge. The string idea sounds ideal. I was thinking along the same lines. I’m looking forward to new experimentation : )

    • Thank you very much Grazie!
      I miss you all on Lomo too, but I’m just able to manage one social network at the time, I’m so sorry… Maybe I’ll be back one day… But this feels so right for me. We’ll see.

      • I’m sorry for not replying right away but I really enjoy your posts. And the photos are so beautiful. I still hope you’ll come back to lomo soon but I understand you. It is hard to do so many social networks at the same time. But I really want to get more serious about blogging soon. I just don’t know what to post sometimes.
        Take care and happy holidays!!!

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