Longing for spring and summer

The winter in Sweden has been very mild, where I live it’s been no snow at all…. That is very unusual. Still, I can’t wait for spring, and nature starting to come alive again.

Since my machinery isn’t up and running as I would like it to, I’m looking through my archives, and found these images from my little rose garden, photographed with the wonderful little half frame Olympus PenF, with PolypanF film, hence the blur ❤

I wish you all a lovely week 🙂

Longing for spring-3Longing for spring

Longing for spring-2

Olympus PenF with Zuiko 70/2 for PenF PolypanF developed at home with Kodak HC110B



8 thoughts on “Longing for spring and summer

      • Hallo
        how is it now with Marie? Didn’t you not went ill in pandemic times … Hopely is everything ok . I just wanted to drawn youur attention on a fb group based in USA but with members everywhere in the world . It’s cold Shoot it with film . May’be if you have time take a look at it Marie . Have a nice day . tjen dezutter belgium

        • Thanks Tjen, I’m very well, hope you are well too.
          It’s been not so much photography lately though, and no blogging…😅
          I hope to be back, miss blogging.
          Have a lovely day you too ☀️☀️☀️
          All the best

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