Three pin holes looking up a tree

Diana Multi Pinhole Operator
Fuji Provia RDP III 100F
E6 process

2 thoughts on “Three pin holes looking up a tree

  1. Really like the handheld (I assume its handheld anyway) nature of this image. I’ve been trying to experiment more with non-stationary pinhole exposures lately. Results seem to vary wildly. What I like so much about this exposure, is that the tree trunk guides me into the image, hinting at the subject matter without giving the mystery away entirely.

    • Thank you very much!
      It is handheld but I was leaning the camera against the tree for support. And I used all three pinholes at the camera to create the lightly psychedelic effect. I don’t know if you are familiar with this camera, but it gives the opportunity to use one, two or three pinholes at the same time. Mostly I use just one, but sometimes it feels right to go a bit crazy… 😉
      Thanks again!

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