LARGE step for me….. I’m proud to present a new category…..

….. new category for me, Large Format Photography!

I never thought I would go this way….. But I did!

I know, it lacks a lot…..

But it is my very very first 4×5 photography ever, so I’m kind of proud, just to have taken this way at all.

Hope the coming ones will be better though…..  😉  But I kind of like this anyway….

Wista 45 DX – 4×5 field camera
Ilford FP4+
Kodak Tmax developer 1:4 8 min


19 thoughts on “LARGE step for me….. I’m proud to present a new category…..

    • Thank you very much! 🙂
      I’m probably too stuck in all the “disappointments” to really see that. Maybe I will, later…
      I was pretty sure I’d nailed the focus…… Haven’t got a clue why the light leaks comes from…..
      It can only be better….;-)

    • It has always felt like too much of “too much” if you know what I mean.
      Too heavy, too bulky, too slow, too expensive…..
      But now it is the slowness and the fact I have to be in charge of the whole process what’s finally convinced me to go this way. I’m quite thrilled about it….. 🙂

    • Thank you very much B!
      I’m happy you can see that. It took me a good half hour to set it all up, and it is really hard to see anything on the ground glass, but I was sure about the focus… Do not know what happened there….
      And all the camera movements I have to train and train to be able to use properly. It is really really fun though, and I’m thrilled about it all.

  1. Nice photo, that looks like one giant tree. Don’t give up, it takes time and patience. You said “Hard to see on the ground glass”. I think a “Beattie” ground glass will be more clear. Do you use a loupe for focusing? Not saying it is out of focus 🙂 Post this picture on the “Large Format Photography” page and they can help about the light leaks. I see you did join 🙂 I am also a member.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words! 🙂
      It IS out of focus, but I think I know why…..
      And I have sorted out where the light leaks comes from, actually very very embarrassing, hehe… 😉
      But, it is going forward though…
      I’m going to develop two sheets of bw film today, and if they are okey, I will post them tonight or tomorrow.
      The forum, yes, I have got great help from it, but I rather read than post… We’ll see, maybe later.
      Thanks again, and have a great day!

      Forgot to say, I have a Wista ground glass with fresnel lens, should be good, I think it is me who have to just get used to it.
      I have a good focusing loupe too. Probably just have to get used to that too…. 🙂

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