Pinholed sunset in redscale

I almost forgot…..                                     …….that there actually was one day in November…..                             …………………….when the sun was shining….. !!

My gosh, it can actually be that way when it is so very greyish and dark for almost a whole month…..

So, guess if I was happy when I developed some film, and found these!

I was out scouting for motifs that day, and for a special purpose I wanted to try Redscale film in this time of the year.

And with some cropping done, I’m quite happy with them, what do you think?

Enjoy, and remember the sun…..  😉

Holga 120 WPC
Lomography Redscale 100
C41 Home developed

Holga 120 WPC
Lomography Redscale 100
C41 Home developed

Holga 120 WPC
Lomography Redscale 100
C41 Home developed


30 thoughts on “Pinholed sunset in redscale

  1. this is amazing!
    I like a lot the third shot but, obviously the first and second, especially the first one with the sun reflected on the lake are terrific!!
    I am impatient waiting for the film swap . . . but don’t rush (I can wait)!!! [I haven’t finished the roll yet neither]

  2. Beautiful red tones on those Holga shots Marie. It can be so very dark and foreboding in Europe in November and it’s so nice that you got some sunshine to take those amazing shots. I love the vignetting of the Holga lens which draws the eye into the picture. Just lovely Marie. More winners:-)


    • Thank you very much Joey! I’m so happy you like them!
      It was a test I decided to do because the earlier rolls I’ve taken with this camera hasn’t worked out good at all. So I decided to try this film, both to see how it behaves in late fall, and it is almost impossible to over expose it, so I thought it was a good choice. And I’m so pleased with the results. Must admit though, that it was a lot more lovely vignetting before I cropped them….. 😉

  3. I completely agree with Jesus (is there a way to tag other bloggers in WP comments?). Your pinhole work is beautiful, and with the fun flares and red scale, I feel so much warmer remembering the warm orangey hues of summertime. That last shot, with the smooth water and feathering trees is breathtaking. I can hardly wait to see what you’ll capture once your Zero Image arrives!

    • Thank you very much Jana! I’m happy you like them.
      About the tagging, I have no clue, but would also like to know… It would be very nice.
      Do you know why only that image got that lovely soft focus and not the others? Kinda strange….

      I have not had good results with this camera earlier, but I am so eager to get started more with pinhole photography, and while waiting for my highly anticipated Zero Images, I thought I give it another chance, and I’m glad I did it.

      • Hmmm… based off the texture of the reflections in the water, I’d say the third image was exposed for a longer period of time. The tree reflections are blurred out. Compare it to the texture of the water in the first image, where your exposure time was probably shorter with the sun shining.

        At least, that’s what I would assume..?

        • Ahh, yes! 🙂
          I’m useless of taking notes, so I haven’t got a clue of the exposure time, but it sounds pretty right.
          With my Wista I have started a journal right from the beginning, so there I have it all noted. But with the other cameras, I just don’t think of it… Perhaps I ought to start a journal for them too…. 😉

          • I agree with Jana about the exposure time. Normally I use my cellular phone to measure the expositon time (chronometer function) and, more interestingly, to record (with the voice recorder) the data of my pinhole and analog takes like exposure time, location, kind of light or any other that I want. Then I transcript all those data to my computer in Word tables (one for each camera), the cellular gives me the hour and day I took the picture!

    • Thank you very much Sue!
      Yes it is beautiful there, many people has their summer houses there by the lake, so it was almost empty from people when I was there to photograph. I like to do that, go to “summer places” at winter, and the contrary. I think it is interesting, the places shows more “soul” then.

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