Weekly Travel Theme – SPOOKY

Sorry folks, this is an ugly one, but I just couldn’t resist, hehe…..  😉

This is not a ghost, nor a evil creature, even though she looks so…  It is just my little, cute as candy, sheltiegirl Ella, on a late afternoon walk a very sunny day this summer.

But, if she had been able to tell her opinion about it, she would have said that it is an excellent interpretation of her inner self.

Be spooked!   😀

Lomo LC-A
Fuji Neopan Acros 100
Kodak Tmax developer


18 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme – SPOOKY

    • LOL, thank you!
      Well, her shadow very much look like one! You should see my border collies shadow in this very hard light coming in from the side late afternoon when the sun is standing low, he really looks like a huge and dangerous wolf.

  1. I love weird shots like this!! I never would have guessed what it was. Great take on the theme!

    And Shelties are always so happy-go-lucky, of course they must be hiding something! 😉

    • Thank you Luddy! I like weird shot too, leaving free space to our imagination.
      You are right, Shelties are very happy-go-lucky, when they are adults…. Before that they can be small ogres….. 😉
      So she in on her way to be wise and cool, we just have a little way to go….. 😉

    • Thank you! Yes that is so great, to catch little moments that otherwise may have been forgotten. The hard thing is most often to me anyway, to stop and really catch them instead of just letting go.

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