IR photo on an overcast day?

Well, I wondered, should Isacrifice” a sheet to find out? Then one day I “felt strong” and full of curiosity….

And the result is (to me) clear, YES!! It is clearly what I hoped for!

You like it?

Enjoy!  🙂

Garden shed in IR on an overcast day

Wista 45DX field camera + Super Horseman 1:5.6/150mm
Efke IR 820 + IR 720 filter
Kodak Tmax developer 1:4 for 7 minutes


27 thoughts on “IR photo on an overcast day?

  1. A great example of how trusting your instincts will get you somewhere. Great image. The clouds add so much to it.

    (If I am not mistaken, Efke IR film has no anti-halation backing which helps the highlights spread out a bit.)

    • Thanks a lot! 🙂
      I’m quite happy about the clouds, they came out better than I was expecting. I do not no about the anti-halation backing, but they also have (had) the Efke IR820 Aura, maybe that is the difference between that film and this one.
      I have tried the Aura once, it has more aura effect and larger grain.

    • Tack Malin! Jo, den blev rätt bra, fast från början var den bara ett test. Går det att få fram IR effekten i mulet väder, och hur funkar fokuseringsjusteringen för IR när jag inte har någon avståndsmätning….. Men det redde sig med stort skärpedjup! Måste testa detta på makro nån dag….

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I was pleasantly surprised by that myself, I wasn’t sure anything would come out nice, but I’m definitely gonna do this again.

    • You should look here in Sweden. IF you find a LF camera for sale, it is almost for free. The market is dead… (Field cameras is though a small bit more popular..)

      • I actually come close to buying a view camera here for cheap. However I have the worry that I do not want to afford the film. Developing (bw) is not a problem. Printing will require a bigger enlarger than the one I got right now. Also I don’t have a scanner for 4×5 and up. In reality I “do ” have a ” large format “. Not long ago I got a baby crown graphic, capable to take roughly 6cm by 8cm sheet film. However I do not have that odd size holder, so I use a 120 back that it came with. But bigger is better, need 4×5 “. Besides, this is a press camera and doesn’t have all the movements. One day I will over come all the obstacles and have a real large format. I hope. I can only imagine holding a sheet of 4*5 or 8×10 velvia under the light 😀

        • If it is of any consolation, every image takes a LOT of time and effort, and you think it through thoroughly before you press the shutter, so the film cost isn’t that bad.
          The printing is a problem though. I was so incredible lucky, and found a LPL 7452 for almost nothing. I felt so ashamed so I paid her more than she asked for, and now I’m scared of it, it is HUGE!! 😀
          About the scanner, if you have a flatbed, you can scan two images, and stitch them together in post?
          Yes, the sheets are incredible! Worth it all! I have bought a kit of E6 developer, but something is holding me back. I don’t know why, cause I’m developing C41 and bw without any problems, and the cost is minimal. Have you tried to develop E6?

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