Weekly Photo Challenge – RESOLVED

I do not do new years resolutions, no way….. It just don’t work…..

But, I have something ahead of me that could have been a new years resolution. My new darkroom!! In just a couple of weeks it will be ready for use, and I’m over the moon about it!!

I had a darkroom about 20 years ago, and I just loved it. But you know, life interferes …..  But now it is time again!

And I have found something that I’m just dying to do, LITH PRINTING!!! I can for obvious reasons not give you an image of it, but this image will probably be one of my first trials.

My gosh, I’m so excited about it…..  🙂

Holga GFCN
Kodak TMY-2
Tetenal Neofin blue dev

I have found some great inspiration on this, one great group on Flickr and a fantastic book I’ve ordered from Amazon. I can really recommend this book by Tim Rudman if you are interested in darkroom work, it is fantastic, and not very pricy when bought used from Amazon.

Have a very nice day! 🙂


27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – RESOLVED

  1. Stunning image as always Marie…Good luck with the new darkroom, I havent used one since Art College (many years ago) 😉

    I had a B/W image (inverted) then printed on 5mm Black DiBond in white ink using an Oce Arizona, turned out really well

  2. I’m very happy for you Marie. I’ve managed to spend a little time in my temporary darkroom and I love working in there. Unfortunately I have to dis assemble it every time as it’s the only bathroom in the house!. Good luck and happy printing!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your new darkroom. This image is amazing. Can’t wait to see what you produce in your darkroom. Wishing you much success in 2013.


  4. Congratulations! I don’t have the space for my own darkroom space, so I rent time at a local photography school. I’ve been dying to try lith printing myself. I think pinhole lith prints are gorgeous! Happy 2013 Marie!

    • Thanks a lot Jana!
      Yes, that is my intention too, with my cute little Zero, hehe… 😉
      Have you seen the book I referred too? It is GORGEOUS!!
      And you know what? I have found an onlinestore in Europe that sell Rollei Infrared 400 in 4×5!! Guess who’s their next customer? Efke is not to be found anymore, sadly… I still have 3 rolls of 120 film, and I’m saving them until spring and summer. But 4×5 IR, and then a lith print of that? …Yes, I’m thrilled…..

  5. No darkroom ’til now? I can’t imagine it, I have not been without a darkroom, apart from a single week here and there, since 1970. I chose the house I now live in because a lined and insulated room in the shed was exactly the size of my commercial darkroom when I was retiring and my dog seemed to like the place. Next move here is to extend the darkroom so I can get two more DeVere enlargers into it

    So, when you move house, work out where the darkroom will be before you look at the kitchen and bedroom, best advice I can give

    Enjoy your lith printing, I have seen some very delicate results from that, For alternative processes here it is just Rae’s gum bichromates and cyanotypes from her Zero 5×4″, that she swapped for one of my lenses

    • Today, I almost can’t imagine that either… But, you know, my kids were little then, soccer, floorball, their school and homework, my own full time work, getting the whole life jigsaw together…. To many other priorities…..
      But now has life given me opportunity to do it again, and I’m very happy for that.
      Btw, Zero 5×4, is it good?

      • Rae likes her Zero very much and has grabbed my 75mm/5×4″ viewfinder, which is now mounted on the Zero with an accessory shoe from a dead 35mm camera. Rae feels the viewfinder, a Goersi from China, makes framing more precise, which is as important for pinhole as for any other photography.

        We have bought a packet of pin-holes from USA for formats from 35mm to 16×20, which means a Zero like 10×8″ pinhole camera for contact prints for Rae soon, Currently Rae makes only contact prints from 5×4″ framed to 10×8″. They require close viewing with gives them a feeling of intimacy. I remember you saying you had a 5×4″ wooden camera, why not try this with a pinhole. This means you can have both lens and pinhole ability in one camera kit with only the addition of a pinhole in a lens panel and a bit of card for the “shutter”

        (Note the cheap and nasty Goersi viewfinder is the second product I have bought from this company. I will not be buying any more of their poorly designed and made accessories)

        • Very interesting, thanks. I will look it up, but I just bought a Zero 2000, so I’m gonna learn to know that camera first. And my Wista 45 is still new to me, so I have much work to do there too….. 😉

  6. Envy; envy; envy! But I too might look into ‘renting’ something occasionally. However, without a ‘resolution’ – they don’t work for me either – I am a good way, in 5 days, to getting our small ‘guest’ space sorted into a usable photo workshop for everything except enlarging/wet printing. I should as a result avoid fixing my spaghetti bolognese or simmering my D76! Seriously, really looking forward to every post from you in the coming year.

  7. Oh! how I envy you; I wish you all the luck and I am waiting to see the results of your adventure!!
    The same happend to me. I have done darkroom long time ago but now there have past years since I haven’t being in one. Hopefully a friend of mine is thinking in re-opening his father’s, so we can have some photo fun in there!

    • Thanks a lot Jesus! 🙂
      Yes, it will be great fun, and a real adventure! I hope it doesn’t take too long time to get some results to share…
      You must convince your friend and nag at him properly, it’s always more fun if you are two!

  8. I’m so happy to see inspiration has vanquished your winter blues! An exquisite image, this, and the oak, of course and the walk in the woods … It’s always wonderful to wander over and spend a bit of time in your world Marie. My very best wishes for 2013 and your new passions … 🙂

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