Tree Tuesday – Oak Tree in redscale

Happy Tree Tuesday everyone!!  🙂

Holga 120 WPC Pinhole Camera
Lomography Redscale 100
Developed at home in Tetenal C41


22 thoughts on “Tree Tuesday – Oak Tree in redscale

        • Thank you very much Jana, it is a true honor to be inspiring to other people!
          Lomography Redscale 100 is a great film, as long as you do not underexpose it, if you do, the grains in the shadows will be extremely ugly and turn greenish….
          But on the other hand, this film is almost impossible to overexpose! 🙂
          And, you can easily make your own…. Just take the film of your choice, and in your darkroom or changing bag, turn it up side down and tape it to the backing paper or canister, so you expose it from the “other side”. Then load it as usual, but set the ISO to half the original value, or just add one extra step of exposure.

    • Tusen tack Malin!
      Kom med på Tree Tuesday, vetja, du har underbart fantastiska bilder på träd, bara tagga posten “tree tuesday” så att andra hittar den i Readern. Ju fler desto roligare! 😉

      • Detta är gjort nu. 🙂
        Hoppas mitt hittas av andra. Har haft svårt att få in min blogg under photography-kategorin på startsidan, vet inte vad jag gör för fel.

        • Kul! 🙂 Dina bilder är otroligt vackra och starka, jag gillar din blogg väldigt mycket!

          Jag läste någonstans att om man har totalt max 15 taggar+kategorier (sammanlagt) så syns bloggen i Reader. Jag taggade mycket mer i början, fick färre läsare, taggade ännu mer…. Osv, osv… Men när jag läste detta och har taggat med max 14 ( för säkerhets skull) så dyker mina inlägg upp via alla mina taggar och kategorier.

    • Thanks a lot!
      Yes, it is deliberately done so, both this camera and this film is a bit quirky, and together…. well, this time it worked just fine… 😉

  1. You’re the only person who can raise an interest in me for lomography cameras and redscale; it’s your pictures that do it! I definitely want to have a go with pinhole though – I might massacre one of my old cameras to pinhole it before I get around to modifying the panoramic biscuit tin. 🙂

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