Imagemaking outside the (camera)box

Yes, I’m cheating a bit now…. My blog is about film photography, and this post has nothing at all to do with film or for that matter, not camera either.

But I got so inspired when I found out about this kind of image making on Flickr a while ago, and just had to try it myself.

I’m talking about Lumen prints. You can find excellent images and more info at Flickr, and my contacts Diane and John, they are both very generous with information.

But to explain shortly: I put my small daffodils on a photographic paper from my darkroom, put it all in a contact sheet frame and out into the sun for several hours. Then I scanned the paper, then I fixed it all for a minute or so, rinsed it carefully to get rid of ALL fixer. Then I toned the image in a bath with diluted goldtoner. It dried overnight, and then I scanned it again.

I’m not sure about the gold toner, or the dilution of it, but I guess it is all about trial and error….  😉

I have done this a couple of times now, but this is the first result I like myself.  And I can’t wait until the snow is gone, and it is starting to grow out in the nature again…..

I hope you will enjoy!  🙂

Ilford Multigrade Warmtone paper
Hypam fix
Tetenal Goldtoner
Scanned BEFORE fixing and toning

Ilford Multigrade Warmtone paper
Hypam fix
Tetenal Goldtoner
Scanned AFTER fixing and toning


18 thoughts on “Imagemaking outside the (camera)box

    • Thanks a lot Luddy! 🙂
      I read that too, and I did not know whether I should fix it or not before the toning. So I fixed it, and then toned it, and I think that was wrong, I didn’t see a difference after the fading from the fix, so next time I’ll tone the image without fixing first. And I didn’t know if the goldtoner should be used without dilution or not.
      I guess there is a LOT of trial with this….. hehe….

  1. Fantastic Maire . I do so love visiting your blog and seeing how you are pushing the boundaries with your image taking and developing. Once again terrific and I am so looking forward to the next post. Have a wonderful week.

  2. alternative photography , just a new discovery for me .With the natural color- use of pkants and herbs .Anthocyane photography,

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