Troubles with the Reader and mail

I thought you were all on holiday, and it was not just me who didn’t post…..

Then I discovered that the mail function is off, somehow, and it just is not possible to fix it either. AND the Reader doesn’t work…  Gah….

So, therefore I just wanna say I’M SORRY to all of you that I hasn’t visited for a while now. I have not forgot you, and I will be back visiting, but right now it feels a bit heavy…. And I don’t know what to do about it…

This image is from a trip to the archipelago a while ago. On infrared film of course! I just LOVE the feeling of this film, it is stunning gorgeous!

Enjoy and have a lovely late summer weekend!  🙂

Hasselblad 503CX with Distagon 50mm/f4 Efke IR 820 Kodak dev 1:4

Hasselblad 503CX with Distagon 50mm/f4
Efke IR 820 + IR 720
Kodak dev 1:4


24 thoughts on “Troubles with the Reader and mail

  1. Jag har haft problem med extremt långsamt internet… och med readern. Det har varit otroligt trögt att ens klicka in på bloggarna när jag varit på readern. (Brukar alltid gå in på bloggarna då readern aldrig visar allt).
    Hoppas allt fixar sig – verkar gå åt rätt håll för mig åtminstone med ett mindre segt internet.

    Bilden är helt underbar, mjuk och len. Fantatsiskt fin komposition, fin gråskala och så gillar jag ansiktet/uttrycket i klippan i förgrunden.

    • Håller med dig, readern är för eländig. Och allt trassel i sig gör att det blir jobbigt, förstår du hur jag menar, allting som egentligen är roligt, det jag tycker om att göra, besöka andras bloggar, kommentera, gilla, eller bara utforska i största allmänhet, blir så färgat av trasslet kring wp, att jag drar mig för att logga in över huvud taget. Och det gör mig ledsen. Måste hitta nån lösning på det…
      Tack för dina uppmuntrande ord, de värmer!
      Hoppas du haft en fin helg Malin!

  2. Ugh, the Reader! It’s been having problems since the first of the year, hasn’t it? I’ve just stopped using it – cleared it out completely, and just put everyone I was following anyway onto my blog roll.

    I’ve been on a break myself, and I agree that it is daunting getting caught up with what everyone’s been up to!

    Your IR’s are really coming along, Marie. Very beautiful.

    • Yes, it sucks! I must find a workable solution, as it is now it doesn’t work for me, and it makes me sad. Blog roll is a good idea, but not for me, I think… But some kind of list is probably needed, hmm….
      And I think, don’t worry about catching up completely, then you just have to take a new break again…
      Thank you very much Luddy, I’m happy for your kind words! 🙂

  3. Wonderful image Marie and as to the issue of mail notifications not working I too have had this issue for the past couple of weeks. I went into settings in wp and changed the way in which I receive email notification from daily to weekly and changed the times of delivery. This appears to have rectified the issue but for how long is the real question. I have raised this in wp’s forum yesterday as I was getting frustrated. I do hope you resolve the issue and that you have an enjoyable week. Regards, James

    • Unfortunately it puts a damper on blogging, and it feels like a kind of built-in resistor, but I guess it’s just to find strategies to make it work anyway. I do not want to lose you all in my “blog family”!
      Thanks a lot for the tips of changing the times of delivery, I haven’t thought of that, I just checked it was still as I wanted. Gonna do that asap!
      Have a lovely evening James!

  4. I’ve had problems with the reader too; more problematical, I found I couldn’t reply to a comment on a previous post ( so did it by editing the post). Then I couldn’t leave a comment another blogger’s post. Let’s see whether this one ‘works’.

    • It takes away a bit of the joy, it really does…. 😦
      I hope it will be working again, soon, and I don’t want to leave WP, it is such a great community. Hope to find some solutions on the forums…
      Have a lovely weekend to come!

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