Our traditional old Swedish fence

When we moved to our new property this summer, there was no fence around the house, and that was one thing we really wanted. And as this is a rural small holding, we thought that an old traditional Swedish farmers fence would look really nice. So we hoovered the internet for a fence builder that really knew the craft, and we found Björn. He lives in the very north of Sweden, in Vilhelmina, and he and his coworker Johnny builds these gorgeous fences around the whole country in the summertime. In the winter they prepare all materials needed.

Their fences is a true handcraft, there is no nails nor strings in metal, everything they use is coming from pure juniper and fir trees.

I’m not enough skilled to tell you (in English) how he does it, but please visit his website for more knowledge.

But I of course photographed them as their work progressed, in my kind of craft, with film!

We are very happy with our traditional Swedish fence, it is a beautiful piece of art in itself.

Enjoy!  🙂


11 thoughts on “Our traditional old Swedish fence

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    • Thank you very much Elen.
      It’s truly a piece of art itself, and a very nice thing is also that the fence is free from any maintenance and it’s guaranteed to hold for at least 25-30 years, probably more, between 30-40 years.
      It’s gonna get a beautiful grey colour and with time moss is gonna grow on it. Beautiful but rural.

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