Weekly Photo Challenge – WRONG

“Access and photographing prohibited”

I could not resist photographing this old wonderful sign, that had been there, on this fence since 1940. But of course, that was wrong…..   😉

Hasselblad 503 CX
Kodak Tri-X 400
T-Max dev 1:4


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – WRONG

    • 😉
      In Waxholm, a little coastal village outside Stockholm.
      I do not know the reason why it is prohibited, it is just an ordinary wooden house beyond with a ordinary garden,and the fence is obvious not of a military sort, so I have no clue….. At the time, maybe it was something military going on in there anyway.
      Or maybe they just like the sign too!

  1. Super picture! Reminds me of an experience I had in Romania: superb colours in an open cast sulphur mine, camera out, along comes watchman, “forbidden”. Me, “Do you realise the Americans have a satellite up there which can see the colour of your eyes?”. Still forbidden. I went round the corner and took some shots from the waist (Olympus OM1). If I ever get to sorting out my old films I may do a post on it. Similar thing at the Romania/Ukraine border on my first day in Romania – 8 March 1993. I ‘forgot’ the camera on a wall (set with timer), heard the ‘click’ and ‘Oh dear, nearly forgot my camera!”. No good photographically of course, but a great souvenir. (I had a military escort back to town!).
    Bit of a disaster film photographically in Romania this time – I’ll tell you more later. But thanks for the like and comment on my latest posting from there. Off to Cornwall today in Lofty (gravatar) till the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll have more success there. I’m hoping to be able to get the Mamiya Press in among all the clutter for 2 weeks camping, for some big 6x9s.

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