My huge and humble THANK YOU!!!!!

My huge and humble THANK YOU!

Thanks to all of you who gold plated my first seven weeks here on WordPress with more inspiration and interest than I ever even dreamed of!
Today I reached 100 followers! In seven weeks! It is amazing and far above my earnest expectation.
I started this blog because I want so much to share the beauty of film photography, my passion, to show more people that film is not at all dead, which I myself actually thought a few years ago. I mourned film and I thought I would never find joy in the creative process again. But how wrong I was! Fortunately!
And I feel that I am on the right path. When I go around town and photographing people come to me and ask if it still exist film to buy?
Ohh, yeah, it does! 🙂
And the response I got here, on WordPress, from my followers, tells the same story.
I am very very happy and proud today, so THANK YOU everyone who supports me with kind comments and interest in what I share here.

Rosa Mundi
Hasselblad 503 CX
Kodak TMax 100
A tiny touch of sepia tone…..

A rose from my garden, and my humble gratitude to you all from me,



26 thoughts on “My huge and humble THANK YOU!!!!!

  1. Yes, congratulations! I think your photography is beautiful and this rose from your garden is just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful photo. I think your work is amazing and I’m glad (though not surprised) that you have gained a lot of followers very quickly. I’m sure the number will continue to rise. Keep posting! Please!

  3. I developped my first HP 5 .And it’s look ok !!!!! I’m very glad I could do thsi without help ,without fear to fail !


    • Happy to hear that, well done!
      For me it was just that, to do it without fear to fail, that was the hardest part, then it went on smooth, and after a couple of times you get used to do it.
      Congrats my friend!

  4. BIG congratulations! Wow! I think I’d be jumping up and down the room….
    Love this rose, it’s just gorgeous…. the tones are…. beyond words! Love it!

    • Thank you Marleen! Your kind words mean a lot to me, and yes, I’m very very happy!
      The rose… Have you seen it irl? It is white and very vibrant pink, and then the green leafs, it doesn’t really work in a colour photo, much better in bw…..

      • BW has that strange quality to be able to make harsh things look very soft and fragile. I love bw, when it’s used thoughtfully. Some people tend to convert anything in bw. Over here it’s already a fashion for a couple of years – all famous belgian photographers made it in bw and then you get of course that domino effect: everyone starts converting. It became some kind of principle: make a bad picture, revert it to bw and it’s called character (!!!???).
        I think it’s an art in itself, to be able to actually “see” in b/w.
        You did a great job here!

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