Weekly Photo Challenge – FREE SPIRIT

For me are trees, preferably winter trees, a symbol of a strong and free spirit.
So therefore was this picture a very obvious candidate for this week’s theme.
A double exposure straight up to the sky and the sun.
The color is because I used Lomography Redscale XR 50-200, it is a redscale film that gives different hues depending on exposure.

The higher the ISO, the more reddish the color, the lower the ISO, the more shades to the green or blue-green direction.

Almost completely unpredictable, which I like. πŸ˜€
Here is the ISO set to 100, which would normally give a reddish orange image but due to the double exposure the ISO is 50 which gives this yellow-green color.

Hasselblad 503CX
Lomography Redscale XR 50-200
C41 developing process



29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – FREE SPIRIT

  1. This is such an amazing shot – I should say: shots! The color is fantastic and the mood intriguing and mystic. Love it! It somehow makes me think of Wuthering Heights…

  2. Totally gob smacked ! A haunting image even more effective through the double exposure. What an interesting type of film you have used. I visit your blog with intrepidation and I always leave excited in having learned from looking and reading.

    • Thank you, you’re almost too kind James!
      Yes, it is a very interesting film indeed. Sometimes it gets this good and sometimes really really ugly, and all differences in between… Very much a challenge every time. In my “about” site is almost the same image, but a single exposure, taken at the same time with the same light, but at 100 ISO. Look at the difference in colour with just one step difference exposure.
      Thank again for you kind words!

  3. Hey, love your take on the theme. Don’t know if you know, but I was the photographer that hosted this specific challenge. It truly is a beautiful image that you have made, love the fact that you have used a double exposure to further communicate the idea of being ‘free’, of an extended sense of self, doubled over that which makes you, well you. Also, the faint hints of tree branches creeping out from behind the clouds serves as a continuation of that free spirit, dreaming and obsessing over future endeavors. Or at least this is what I think.

    I’m glad that I was able to find your blog, thanx again for the comment you left on mine. It’s difficult to find good film photography blogs, they seem to hide away from my many midnight searches.

    • Thanks a million for your kind words, I feel very honored.
      Your interpretation of my image fits very well with my own.
      I love trees. All trees are different and have beautiful personalities, it is in any case so I see them, so choosing a tree as interpretation of your amazing theme came naturally to me.
      Thanks again for a great theme, for your kind comment, and for following my blog.
      Have a nice Sunday!

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