Weekly Photo Challenge – NEAR AND FAR

Here comes my submission to this weeks challenge, – Near and Far

I am standing in front of an building made of reflecting glass, photographing the reflections seen far away.

I got hooked on the linegame which originated in the reflective image, and I think this is a good contribution to this weeks challenge.

Hasselblad 503CX
Kodak Tri-X 400
Kodak Tmax developer

On the same time, I want to apologize to all my new friends here for being absent this last week. That’s because I had a wonderful holiday week in the swedish west coast, and I didn’t bring any internet devices. I had two posts presceduled, and that worked fantastically, thanks a lot WordPress for this fantastic option!

Though, I brought several cameras and loads of films  😉

So bare with me, I have loads of photos to show later, when I get them all developed and scanned…..
Stay tuned…  😉

Have a great Sunday evening all friends!!



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – NEAR AND FAR

    • Thank you very much!
      Yes, I’m looking forward to see them too. Sending the E6 rolls to the lab today (2 weeks until I see them developed
      :-(……. ) And I’m gonna start develop the others asap, and in the meantime I have scanning to do of earlier rolls. 😀

  1. Another great interpretation Marie. As you know I too have been away and so many emails to catch up on only managed to look only at a few of my favourite photo postings, which include yours of course. It determined me to create another blog exclusively for the photo interest so I just went ‘public’ with a first post on that (grumytykepix) yesterday. Your pictures are an inspiration as I struggle to get back into film.

    • Wow, gonna check out your new blog and follow of course!
      I decided that it is impossible to catch up every single thing that happened when I was away, vey sorry, but there is far too much and it is too stressful to o that. This should be fun, and friends understand, and over time it is the same to everybody.
      Please don’t struggle with film, let film be your inspiration and joy, take your time and just have fun!
      Have a great week my friend!

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  3. You shot film? On a Hassy? Wow, that’s great. Hats off to you. Film is rare in NYC. Can’t beat it for its personality, and I’m a DSLR guy.

    • Thank you very much!
      Yes, that is one of the reasons for me to use film, it’s great personality! But come on, there’s lots of stores in NYC that sells film, and always also online….. 😉 But digital is great too, and the best of all is that everone can make their own choise! Thanks again or your kind words!

      • Yes, some stores have a box or two laying around LOL It’s more that the photographers shooting film are rare. Digital is everywhere. I just threw out an old Pentax K1000. The poor thing got soaked in a basement when a pipe laked on it. I’ll have to find another…

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