Light is coming back

At last we can see that the days slowly gets brighter.
And the winter has arrived to Sweden. Better late than never. About minus 5-10C, really nice actually.

I wish all my amazing followers, a really lovely and beautiful winter weekend!
Love film, and keep on photgraphing, winter images can be amazing!

Enjoy!  🙂

Hasselblad 503cx Ilford HP5+ Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Hasselblad 503cx
Ilford HP5+
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Hasselblad 503cx Ilford HP5+ Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Hasselblad 503cx
Ilford HP5+
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4


23 thoughts on “Light is coming back

  1. I too believe there are plenty of photographic opportunities during the winter…I love the way the bare, black branches stand against a blue sky…they way brown, tan, and red shoots poke up through snow…both images are lovely Marie…but I am partial to the second…I love the deep tones and the highlights.

    • Thank you Amy! The light can be a struggle to read properly in the winter, but it is so well worth it. My fingers do not agree when it is this cold though…

  2. Sagolikt vackra bilder. Vintern kan vara fin på många sätt, även om min kropp ogillar kylan.
    Blir en tur idag, måste fotografera! 🙂

    Önskar dig detsamma – ha en fantastiskt fin helg!

  3. Such beautiful images – I love the the silhouette of the second one. I wish winter looked like that in my region, I’ll settle for these two wonderful images. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you very much Euan!
      You too have a great weekend, and I hope you have better weather than it is here, it is snowing all the time, not much, but too much to take up the camera… I’m so much longing for sun….

  4. Stunning stunning, and I shall say it again stunning. Really wonderful images , strong composition and terrific in their exposure. You and film are made for each other, always a joy to look at your work.

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