It’s cold outside……

Cold, grey and rather ugly. The weather in Sweden today. I even saw the first snow.

So, instead of mourning, just look at these, and feel that warm nice feeling of summer days 🙂

Remember this post? No? Have a look then…  Here…..  These are actually taken at the same time, but they lay in a little filmbox that had gone astray. I found them just the other day.

Enjoy, and feel warm inside!  🙂

Polaroid SX70
Impossible PX 70 Color Shade

Polaroid SX70
Impossible PX 70 Color Shade

Polaroid SX70
Impossible PX 70 Color Shade

Polaroid SX70
Impossible PX 70 Color Shade


20 thoughts on “It’s cold outside……

    • Thank you very much John! 🙂
      Sometime I think it’s me that’s gone mad… 😉
      Struggling and struggling with these films and the little stubborn SX70, but I just can’t stop because of the arty look of it, and I just love it…. So surrendering is the only way to go, huh? Not giving it up…..

    • Thank you very much Luddy!
      Not really, but I think it is mostly the film. It is one of their first emulsions and the film is utterly sensitive and need “absolute right temperature” and “absolutely no light” after the exposure, and that took me a bit too long to understand.
      They have a new emulsion now that’s not at all that sensitive to light after the exposure, but I have trouble with it too…. I just LOVE polaroids, and I love Impossible for what they’re doing, but for me it is a hard nut to crack…

  1. I’d been meaning to give polaroids a go – this has convinced me. Oh dear – another photo project to add to my backlog! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you very much!
      Well, if I had known then what I know now, I had probably not taken this road….
      But I’m happy I did, but it’s no walk in the park, if you know what I mean. But when an image eventually looks good, it is worth it all….. 😉

  2. Thank you Marie. What I’ve always loved about Sweden is the choice of materials, wood mainly, and architectural styles that make winter a great opportunity to find comfort in warm charming places.

    • Thank you Steve! The winters can be really tough up here, and in the north of Sweden it sometimes is winter for 8 months per year, and for a couple of months in the winter, the sun don’t rise over the horizon, so I guess it is self-preservation to build cosy houses. We have not this harsh climate throughout Sweden luckily, but building style is repeated across the country.

    • Thank you very much Borut! They say the Polaroid camera is your easiest camera ever… Mine SX70 is definitely the hardest to learn camera I ever tried…… If it hadn’t trigged me to continue because I love the look and the style, I would sell it immediately….

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