Special Photo Challenge – INSPIRATION

What inspires me?

That is actually a lot of things…  Looking on others photography, reading my favourite blogs, well, it’s hard to mention all things that inspires me.

But, the greatest inspiration is for me to be found in our beautiful nature.

Here I can breathe, think, and come into balance.
And what media captures the beauty of nature better than film photography?

The first photo is me photographing a humongous tree. The photo is taken by my son.  Thank you Jonas!   🙂

© Jonas Westerbom
Leica M6
Kodak T-Max 100 TMX
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

And what did I photograph?

The same tree, in colour, and here in black and white.

Enjoy!  🙂


Hasselblad SWC
Ilford FP4+
FX39 1:9


10 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge – INSPIRATION

  1. Great Black and white photos. The scale of the tree certainly makes it a difficult shot. Your sons photo seems to give it the best perspective. I recently was shooting fall color trees and I had the same problem, and do not like my photos and will have to try again. Not an easy self assignment. Jean-Bernard.

    • Thank you very much!
      Yes I agree with you. Jonas photo is much more putting the scene into the right dimension. I must admit that I didn’t realize that until I saw his image. No, it is for sure not an easy self assignment, but a very very good challenge to try and get it right.
      Thanks again. 🙂

  2. I’m not so sure you need the whole tree; it seems to me that you have caught the essence of what makes this tree so special (there again, they’re all special. aren’t they?) Both the colour and B&W are superb, but on balance I prefer the B&W because, in my opinion, it’s the shapes which make this tree so special.

    • You are right! And I think that Jonas image is better than mine. It gives much more feeling for the atmosphere and grandness of this forest with this fantastic huge tree.
      That can’t really be seen in my image. Just the peculiar shape of the tree, not the size of it.
      Thanks a lot for your kind words!

  3. I must say that tree is quite awesome. Nice to see it make a second appearance on your blog. Mother Nature is quite inspiring isn’t it? Lately I’ve been falling asleep to with concept images of photographs I’ve yet to take of trees. A blueprint of things to come if you will. It sure beats worrying over the stresses of every day life I’ll say that much.

    On another note, your son takes wonderful images as well. It must be great fun going out on photography adventures together. Does he share them online anywhere?

    • Oh, you lucky man!
      When I think of all the photographs I want to take, I’m not able to sleep at all!
      But, the stress is gone… 😉

      I nag at him all the time, and I think he is gonna start a WP blog soon. I hope…
      I’ll let you know.

      Thank s lot for your kind words, most appreciated!

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