Today is a great day – TREE TUESDAY!!

Today is a great day, TREE TUESDAY!!

Jeff on  JSod Photography has started a wonderful way to focus on and express our love for trees, “Tree Tuesday”!

And because my love for trees is huge, I’m happy to join in on this. Why don’t you do that too? If you love trees, please join us and show us your work!

The more the merrier!!  🙂

Here comes my first contribution to this.

Enjoy! 🙂

Hasselblad SWC
Kodak Portra 160
Tetenal C41 DIY kit for home developing


22 thoughts on “Today is a great day – TREE TUESDAY!!

    • Thank you!
      Yes, it was a very yellowish light that day, all the leaves were yellow, and the light came from above through thin clouds with the sun behind, warming everything up even more. Very special kind of light…. Perfect that day… 🙂

  1. Beautiful composition Marie. Love the shape of this tree. I love trees in general as they lend themselves so well to photography of all different types. Great colors and such a good job with your C41 developing:-)

  2. Thank you very much! Yes it was a very special tree, and it looked so good with all those tiny stems with yellow leaves around in different heights.
    Surrounded by floating yellow leaves….

  3. Happy Tree Tuesday! So glad to see you invite others to join in on the fun. I forgot too, but will next week for sure.

    You are developing C41 in the home?! I hear its much more difficult than developing BW. Temperatures are more of a factor etc. My knowledge on this stuff is not great, I’ve only developed one roll of film and that was with the aid of a friend.

    • Thank you Jeff!
      I thought that too, that C41 was more difficult, but it isn’t really. I work with 30 degrees C, much easier to control, a bit slower process, but much more forgiving than 38 degr. I’m very pleased with my results, both C41 and bw, and to develop at home gives me much more control over my results.

  4. Great colour and I am really intrigued by the C41 process as this is really terrific. I must really get back into using more film and to set up a darkroom again. Marie , many thanks for your inspiraton and I hope you have a lovely week

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  6. Your blog is just beautiful! Just love these tree shots of yours..everything just stretching and reaching for the sky here..gorgeous..

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