Weekly Photo Challenge – REFLECTIONS

This is an old picture that I photographed in June 1990.
It has never been published because I have felt uncomfortable with it. I never asked the guy if I could photograph him …. I know, maybe it’s a little ridiculous, but I rather ask for permission first.
Maybe that is why I almost never shoot street photography.
But I’ve always liked the picture.

The reflection you see to the left in the picture, his right eye, is my family, my ex-husband and my two sons. They were six and seven years old here, and we were at an air show for model airplanes.
I had my Canon camera with a telephoto zoom lens 70-210 mm, and I guess that the picture was taken with 210 mm.

It was probably due to the distance that I dared. But his mirror glasses were irresistible!

They were not so common in those days.

Enjoy!  🙂

Canon EOS series
Kodak T-Max 400
Tetenal Neofin Red


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – REFLECTIONS

  1. Marie, that’s a fantastic shot! The detail in the reflection is amazing.

    (I also have a Canon EOS, one of the later ones, though. I rarely take it out anymore; I don’t think I ever got an image as nice as this out of it.)

  2. Nice capture Marie. I’m also uncomfortable with street photography. In fact, I almost never shoot people. I did shoot some portraits of my mom and aunt but that film is the one that got so badly fogged, those pictures are trashed. Love the monochrome:-)

  3. Great shot, love the reflections. I would love to have the courage to take more street shots, but always chicken out. Any I have are taken surreptitiously and from a distance too! Hate the heat, but glad I’m not dealing with all that snow!

  4. I love this shot and all the comments too. I thought it was just me! And since most of my photography is up-close and people-less (except for my own family and friends) with my Nifty-fifty lens I figured I was just lacking courage. You make me want to haul out my only zoom lens – 28-135mm – and broaden my field of view.

    Did I say that I love this shot!?


    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I think it is very common, I think most people think just so, me too. But it is actually quite nice to walk out of the comfort zone. This image is over 20 years old, but just to publish it gave me new courage.
      Go out and break some rules! 🙂

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