New Year filled with expectations

I get the same wonderful feeling each New Year.  A feeling of freshness and renewal. A kind of catharsis.
And soon the light will be back!
I look forward to that very very much!
Let there be light! Lots of light!!

Enjoy!  🙂

Hasselblad 503CX Rollei Crossbird 120 Crossdeveloped in Tetenal C41 at home

Hasselblad 503CX
Rollei Crossbird 120
Cross developed in Tetenal C41 at home


17 thoughts on “New Year filled with expectations

  1. Underbar bild… som inger hopp om ljuset!
    Jag ser också fram emot det.
    Önskar dig en god fortsättning Marie!

    • Tack Malin!
      Jo, jag fick leta en stund i arkivet, med tanke på att det ser ut som en väldigt underexponerad svartvit bild när man tittar ut… Undrars om det blir någon vinter i år….
      Önskar en god fortsättning till dig och din familj också!

  2. oh, but winter light has it’s benefits too 🙂 Nice low light most of the day… Ok, it’s cold and the sky often grey and and it would be so nice if it would not be dark and …

    ok.. I understand you 🙂

    • Yes, winter light can be fantastic. There is just one little problem, I may sound grumpy, I know, but I just need a little tiny bit of it! The light I mean. When I look outside, it looks just like an severely underexposed black and white image… For almost a whole month now…
      But it is turning, in a week or so we will have longer days. So tomorrow, I’ll go down to my darkroom! 😀
      Thanks a lot for visit and comment, most appreciated!

        • No, I’m sorry for being so negative. 😉
          No, it is not quite that bad, it sure is in the north of Sweden, but here is just simple ugly weather. Overcast and grey, it feels like it is drizzling all the time.
          So my witchcraft comes in handy when I’m looking through my archives from before, in my search for a positive image to publish, in the absence of new ones…. =D =D =D

  3. Very few days of blue sky and sunlight…mostly gray…where I live. Then there is getting up in the dark, and coming home from work in the dark. By the time all of this starts to transform (shortly after the Vernal Equinox begins), I sure am ready for it! Happy New Year Marie. I hope for a speedy return of the light for you. : )

    • Yes, it is the same here… But the Vernal Equinox, that is about three months to it! I’m afraid that I’m far to impatient for waiting so long, I have to find joy in the little light that comes long before that. In just one or two weeks the days is starting to be a tiny bit longer each day. Have to count minutes there I’m afraid… 😉 But at least we are going in the “right” direction now.
      Happy New Year to you too, Amy!

  4. I’ve been feeling that too. I’ve been feeling it all over blogspace, and in life. Much promise, much potential.

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