A new world of half frames

This winter has really taken its toll, complete renovation of the basement, again (!), and the weather has not attracted to photograph for several months, except for a weekend in February, see my last post.
And neither able to spend time in the darkroom or go out and photograph has been pretty frustrating ….
But thanks to an excellent article by Film Shooters Collective, about half frame cameras, I decided to try it. So I ordered an Olympus Pen F with a 38/1.8 Olympus Zuiko, loaded it with home rolled Kodak Tmax 100, opened up the aperture fully an evening at home in the living room and used my dogs as models. Pleasantly surprised I must say! These images are scanned from the negative, assembled in PS because they came in the “wrong” order on the film, dust removed.
That’s it!
I can certainly recommend both the article and the camera! The lens is also available in a version 1.4, and that is very attractive ofcourse, but is twice as expensive as this.
Next roll should I stop down a bit on close-ups and see how the lens behaves.

Btw, my new darkroom is double the size as before, and I can’t wait until I can start to work in it…..

Until then, enjoy!  🙂

Olympus PenF + Zuiko 38/1.8 Kodak Tmax 100 Kodak HC-110 B

Olympus Pen F + Zuiko 38/1.8
Kodak Tmax 100
Kodak HC-110 B


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