A blue blue world…..

Am I depressed? No! I have just tried another of the traditional alternative photographic processes, cyanotype, and in this form, it’s all about blue blue blue.

I love blue, and when I read that these chemicals is (almost) unharmful, both to the user and the environment, I decided to try.

Bought the chemicals, Ferric Ammonium Citrate (green) and Potassium Ferricyanide, and finally I also found the intensifier (hydrogen peroxide) to make the print even deeper blue.

Then I totally missjudged the power of the sun…. It’s kind of “wintercold” here in Sweden, just about 10C, and I didn’t realize the strenght of the sun, so I excessively overexposed my coated paper, and it turned too dense, but with some help from this exellent book from Peter Mrhar, I saved my image pretty well.

It isn’t at all was I was expecting, but I’m very pleased. It’s my very first, and this is a kind of art to be mastered.

Have the most lovely weekend my friends, and enjoy!  🙂

Cyanotype print Hasselblad 503cx Kodak T-max 100 Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Cyanotype print
Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak T-max 100
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

You can see the original image here.


5 thoughts on “A blue blue world…..

    • Thank you very much Kari! It’s a great way to do images, you actually don’t need either camera or darkroom to get this lovely expression.

  1. Hope you had a great weekend Marie and it is always a pleasure to see your work and join in on the journey of discovery. I have never tried this but it does look exciting, certainly more impressive that just using a view buttons in the digital way. I have just bought a book on building a darkroom and my aim is to install one in my french house as there is so much space. Once again I am looking forward to your journey in the cyanotype world.

    • Thank you very much James!
      Oh, I’m pleased to hear that you are planning for a darkroom, that’s great news! Is it your barn conversion you were talking about a couple of years ago? Did it go well? How nice to have a large house in France to go to and recreate, must be lovely!
      Just yesterday I finished a huge renovation of my basement in my house. Well, yesterday the workers left, and I have still a huge amount of work to do in my garden, to restore it. From October to late Mars there was an ongoing excavation inside, in the basement, and now for two weeks in May it was time for draining around the house, so right now my garden looks a bit like world war 3, or something…. 👿 And since I have three dogs, there is twelve muddy paws to wipe dry and clean every time we’ve been outside…. And I guess it will be so for a couple of weeks, until the lawn has recovered…..
      Thanks again James! I hope to have more time to this soon again….

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