More Large Format Photography (properly developed this time….)

I found out where the severe light leaks came from…..   (it was me… just me and nothing else…..)  😉

So, here is two properly developed exposures. I took these two images just to test how to adjust all the camera movements, and I see in the images that I have a long way to go before they are perfect.

But the funny thing is that it doesn’t matter so much. This is so very fun, to really create and learn a LOT at the same time, so I look at it more as a process. It would’nt be so fun if it were perfect at once.

So, here they come!

Enjoy!  🙂

Wista 45 DX Field Camera + 90mm/6.3
f11 1/60 sek
Ilford HP5+
Kodak Tmax developer 6.30 mns

Wista 45 DX Field Camera + 90mm/6.3
f8 1/30 sek
Ilford HP5+
Kodak Tmax developer 6.30 mns


14 thoughts on “More Large Format Photography (properly developed this time….)

    • Thank you very much!
      It was indeed a fantastic light in that alley at the time, kind of hard to measure for a correct exposure, but so beautiful.
      The building is an old grain storehouse from 1792. I love those details too! 🙂

  1. Hi Marie. Great to see you realised your recently expressed wish to try 5×4. I’ve been out of it for a while but grumpytyke has been following you and loved the pix. Hope to start posting again this week but in the meantime I’ve been struggling to get back into medium format with the Mamiya Press – also problems with light leaks – and into developing. Yesterday developed my first film – a test FP4 in D-76 – for probably 25 years and discovered the light leaks. I’d forgotten how much fun (!!!) it is forgetting to take out the dark slide, forgetting to wind on (or winding on a blank ‘cos couldn’t remember whether I’d wound on or not), pushing the release and – nothing (forgot to cock the shutter), etc. etc.

    • Hehe, not so fun when it happens, but when you finally get things working, the images you get means so much more to you when you know all the hard work behind every image.
      Thank you ever so much for following, and please come back soon! 🙂

      • I think I found where the light leak problems are (hopefully ‘were’ – I spent yesterday evening replacing the light seals in a couple of the Mamiya backs). With any luck I’ll expose and develop another test film this week – I have an idea to make a better avatar for grumpytykepix using the Mamiya and its BIG lens (I had hoped to do the ‘big’ challenge with this – 250mm f/5 – but couldn’t get to it; loved your car – the super pic of it – by the way). Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post this week on the wonderful place where I live – I’m sure you would produce some really great pix here.

  2. if my first developments in 35 mm where that kind like your try’s , I feel myself in heaven . But it’s like you said ! A road to go that doesn’t turn in mysterious rounds, hiding a secret on every new corner , is not a good road to follow . I have to learn much from my mistakes ..
    Is this mesured on the light parts of the scene ?


    • Thank you very much Tjen!
      Yes, isn’t kinda strange, with digital I had no patience at all, with film it is quite the opposite, I make mistakes that can cost me special seasons images if I have bad luck, but my patience seems endless, and it feels wonderful and strong. I love this process!
      I use a spotmeter and measure both highlights and shadows, and put them in zones, due to the zone system.
      Thank you so much or following and for your kind comments!
      Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Thomas!
      Yes, I think I just love that camera, and I’m learning something every time I use it.
      I have taken a couple of new images, but haven’t yet had the time to develop them, but stay tuned, more is definitely to come! 😉
      Have a great day!

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