Serenity with my Wista by the sea

I had almost given up the for the day…..  So very gray, no light at all, not for photographing the beautiful autumn colors that was almost gone,  which was my target for the day, and I knew I just had a few days left before the colors were gone….

When I sat there at the rocks by the sea, actually the same rocks as in this post, pondering over what I should do, I realized that I had my film holders to my Wista loaded with excellent black and white film!

At that moment I saw the image!

Wista DX 45 Field camera
Ilford FP4+ @ISO 100
FX 39 1:9 8,5 mns

Once all the settings were made, image taken, camera packed into the bag again, I wandered away over the rocks, and suddenly saw the next image!

Wista DX 45 Field camera
Ilford FP4+ @ISO 100
FX 39 1:9 8,5 mns

I managed to get everything packed up and set, and take the image just before the sun went down.

There was not so many autumn colors photographed that day, but anyway, it was a good day!  🙂



33 thoughts on “Serenity with my Wista by the sea

    • Thank you very much Jesus!
      I like that one a lot too, and when I had photographed it, packed down my camera, it just hit me, WHY ON EARTH didn’t I take one in color too? I just had to shift filmholder….. Gah….. But the sun had set and the shimmering light was gone from the scene…. Had I just thought about it directly, I have had one taken with Portra too…..
      Well, I guess that’s one of the beauties with film, it just ain’t simple. Nothing. Never…..
      That’s why we love it….. 😉

  1. I agree with [] the second shot is incredibly beautiful! The two bodies of water have such differing personalities and I love how that small pool in front looks like a mirror. Wonderful and so perfectly captured in black and white!

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