Weekly Travel Themes – MYSTICAL

I just LOVE walking in the woods, and so many different moods can be found there.

I also love doing double exposures, and they can really create a mysterious mood sometimes. Mystical, abstract… Well, decide for yourself.

Thank you Ailsa for another great theme!

Enjoy!  🙂

Lomography NC 100 ISO
Double exposure
C41 Home developed

Lomography NC 100 ISO
Double exposure
C41 Home developed

Lomography Chrome 100 ISO
Double exposure
Cross Processed in C41 at home.


28 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Themes – MYSTICAL

    • Thank you Jesus!
      Yes, I would love that, absolutely! Right now the weather here is no good for photography at all, but when it is better, absolutely a film swap, that would be awesome! Which film do you prefer? Two completely different perhaps? One redscale or tungsten, and one “normal”, could that be an idea?

  1. The first picture deeply penetrates the mind as it reproduces the experience in the woods, the top of the trees representing contemplation while the more distant landscape represents awareness of place.

  2. The first image, with the jewel tones and the mist from the trees is just beautiful! And the turquoise of the last image is my favorite. I haven’t played with double exposures much, but I might give it a try now!

    PS – I hope your Zero Image is on its way soon, it will be worth the wait!

    • Thank you very much, Jana! You should try it, it is so refreshing to not have full control, and sometimes it can be really surprising results. 🙂
      Yes, I hope it will come soon…. But the weather is so boring right now, and it is quite dark those overcast and rainy days, so it is not so much photographing anyway….

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  4. Much praise has been said above pertaining to the first image of this post. Rightly so as its absolutely fantastic, so I’ll poor it on a bit more 🙂 At first I didn’t realize it was a double exposure, thinking you happened upon the most fantastic low hanging fog in the forest. It was only after I gazed into the image for awhile that I realized it was actually two images, joined together in magical harmony. Stunning work.

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