Weekly Photo Challenge – GREEN

Dubbelexposure to reinforce the green hues of the forest.

Fuji Provia crossprocessed in C41 makes the colors even stronger.

Enjoy! 🙂

Lomo LC Wide
Fuji Provia 100F RDP III
Crossprocessed in Tetenal C41 at home


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – GREEN

    • It’s very subtle, not that easy to see, but I took the two exposures at the same time, in the same light. I think this is the first one, the most obvious, and the other is just like an illusion in the light birch tree branches. I can see it more easily when I have the whole .tiff file open, and here, a lot smaller and in jpeg, it’s not that easy to see. But the color is definitely enhanced and more powerful, and when crossprocessed even stronger.
      Thanks a lot for your comment and interest in my image. Most appreciated! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Steve!
      It actually was kind of magic with all those different green hues and a carpet of wood anemones.
      Then the double exposure and crossprocessing strengthened it all…
      6 months to go…..

    • It really was like a carpet of wooden anemones there, I do not think I’ve seen such quantities over such a large area at one time before. It was awesome and just had to be photographed and saved.
      Thank you very much Madhu! 🙂

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