I found a treasure on The Bay!

Right now I am completely fascinated by IR photo. I’ve tried both Efkes unfortunately discontinued but wonderful IR820 and  Rollei‘s IR400.
Rollei IR400‘ve got the huge advantage of being produced and sold in a variety of formats, but it is not as good at reproducing the sky as Efke. Trees and other vegetation, however, I think becomes very good, at least if I overexpose the film slightly.

Happy and surprised I was when I googled” for Efke IR 820 in 4×5 format, and found it at a seller on Ebay. I tend to be very careful with stuff like that, and checked up on this seller properly. He has an extensive catalog, send free shipping internationally, and has 100% customer satisfaction.

I ordered, and everything proved to be correct! If not the customs here in Sweden have had a communicative breakdown right then, I would have had the the film in just two days. The seller is very easy to connect with and very nice. So if you are looking for something special, check with David on Blumar Photography! 🙂

I tested the film and it is wonderful, don’t you think?
This image has an exposure time of almost 19 minutes, and it was blowing that day, but it almost feels , right?

Harman Titan Pinhole 4x5Efke IR820Kodak Tmax dev 1:4 for 7 mns

Harman Titan Pinhole 4×5
Efke IR820
Kodak Tmax dev 1:4 for 7 mns

Enjoy, and have a lovely summer weekend!


20 thoughts on “I found a treasure on The Bay!

  1. It seems to me that IR and pinhole can produce a real work of art (in your hands) rather than ‘just’ a photograph. I’d be very happy to have this one on my wall.

    • Yes, there is something very special about IR, a feeling I can not describe completely myself, but I like it a lot.
      Thanks very much! 🙂

  2. uau, that’s great one! In Samobor, Croatia, where Efke was produced, they still have some IR films in various formats. If you’re interested I can find out the price.

    • Thanks a lot Borut!
      Ohh, I’m afraid my freezer is filled and the bank account empty… 😉
      It would be rather interesting to know some prizes though… On Efke IR 820. If it is not to much trouble for you.
      Please send me a mail if you find something interesting.

    • Thanks a lot! I have totally fallen in love with IR photography, just because of it’s dreamy expression. My plan is to work with it in the wet darkroom, and do lith prints from the IR negatives. Think that can be very interesting… 😉

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