To the human love found in the darkness in Stockholm 2017-04-07

This is NOT a political blog, nor am I a political person, but today I just can´t help myself from writing what touched me so deeply yesterday during and after the attack of my hometown Stockholm.

In the middle of those terrible hours, people of Stockholm opened up their homes and hearts for those who could not get back home because all the communications where down. Those in need became invited to share meals and a place to stay during the night. Everybody gathered under the hashtag #openstockholm.

I’m so proud of this human power to find love and strength when needed!

And my little  image to you all is just a way to say;

In the total darkness, there is always some love, strength and beauty to be found!

Hasselblad 503cx
Ilford HP5+
Kodak HC-110


14 thoughts on “To the human love found in the darkness in Stockholm 2017-04-07

  1. A beautiful image…nice to see Ilford is still being used by some photographers. Love the narrow depth of field. Soft and beautiful…I like. 🙂

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