Suddenly seeing, when returning to archives…

It is interesting to return to the image archive after a few years.

Suddenly I can see interesting images that I did not see at all when I first developed and scanned the film roll.

Maybe sometimes even find images that I find more interesting than the ones I first chose.

Wonder if there are more …. 😉

Organic shapes-7

Organic shapes-2

Olympus OM4ti + Helios 44-2 Ilford HP5+ Kodak Tmax developer


Organic shapes1

Olympus OM4ti + Zuiko for OM 55/1,2 Ilford HP5+ Ilford Ilfotec DD-X


4 thoughts on “Suddenly seeing, when returning to archives…

    • Thank you Rachelle, I agree, it’s very satisfying to find them, and also good to know that a second view doesn’t always be like the first.

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