Weekly Photo Challenge – FOREIGN

This week I have had a hard time finding something suitable for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I could not find anything good on the theme foreign (to me), so I thought I’ll find something special that can be foreign to other people around the world. Something that is not so common everywhere.

I had to look properly in my old archives to find something that could fit into this challenge, and I found this winter image from the east coast of Sweden, just a couple of miles from where I live.

It (thankfully) doesn’t always get this tough, but when a winter storm rages it can become like this over the cliffs.


Hasselblad 503CX
Fuji Velvia 50


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – FOREIGN

  1. Look at that! That is very definitely “foreign” to me; my fingers are burning just looking at it. I’m having the same problem with this week’s challenge; maybe I’ll borrow your idea. 🙂

    Your colors really work well in this shot, very striking.

    • Thank you very much! 🙂
      Yes, this week it was a real challenge! But I guess this works too.
      I’m NOT longing to winter. Shoveling snow until my arms and back break, and sometimes it is too cold to photograph because my hands are killing me in the cold. Gah……
      But I have a LOT of scanning to do, so maybe it will be done at last…. 😉

    • Thank you very much!
      Nowadays, I’m more careful with Velvia. It absolutely got it’s place, it can be wonderfully beautiful, but for me it is not an all-around film. Had I taken this picture today, I would have probably chosen another film, but in this image it works actually pretty good. Not all films are able to picture the ice as well as it is actually done here.

      • I agree. Velvia has its place for sure but for an all around I’d go for the awesome Astia, if it was still around. My personal choice now is Agfa CT Precisa. Give it a try, it may surprise you. Very good picture anyway 🙂

  2. originating from a country where it is summer all year round (plus abundant typhoon) , this is certainly foreign to me!
    nice shot! velvia 50? a must try! 🙂

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