Weekly Photo Challenge – GEOMETRY

Building mirroring the sky, photographed on Tungsten film in clear day light, processed in E6.

Enjoy! 🙂

Hasselblad 503CX
Fuji RTP T64, Tungsten film
E6 process


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – GEOMETRY

    • Thank you Luddy!
      The tungsten film is very exciting to use experimentally. Have you tried it? When I used it on very cold winter days with clear blu sky, it all turned purple. That was Lomography Tungsten film. This was the Fuji T, and this was a clear blue day, but in the springtime, so it was not that cold. Haven’t used it more than that, so I can’t say the difference more, but I will use it more this winter to come. Very exciting!

      • I have yet to try it — for some strange reason, I had assumed it wasn’t available in 35mm 😛 (ack, me and my middle age brain!) — but I’m ordering films this weekend, so now I’m definitely going to add some Tungsten!

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